Randy Rivero Enterprises is 100% locally owned and operated in Chicago, serving residential customers in the Chicagoland area.

Randy Rivero Enterprises was founded in 2011, and we have been lending a helping hand to computer users since then. We serve our customers online, or on-site in the convenience of your own home.

The blog section was created to keep people on the internet and on Earth updated with how my computer helpdesk is going, and to possibly inject some humor and knowledge into the crowd. Some posts will be educational, some will be videos, some will be lame, some will be interesting, many will be a combination of these. I will post in normal conversational English, except of course when there is no conversational English substitute for what I’m trying to say.

I plan to cater to the crowd of people who just never got that itch to be interested in that nerdy thing called a computer, yet still feel that they need to understand at least a little about how it works, but never were given the chance to learn about it in a language that they ‘get’.

I also plan to use run-on sentences, typoes, and other grammatical shenanigans and malarkey, just for kicks.

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