A Dozen Freeware Windows Programs

Hot on the heels of the previous Dizzle Dozen, A Dozen Freeware Sites, here are a dozen freeware windows software:

  1. Paint.NET (image editing)
  2. 7-Zip (compression)
  3. Sumatra (PDF viewer)
  4. Audacity (audio editing)
  5. Pidgin (instant messenger)
  6. Transmission (torrents)
  7. Everything (super fast file search indexer)
  8. Teracopy (move/copy files with ability to resume)
  9. ImgBurn (iso/data cd burner)
  10. VLC (media player)
  11. Foobar 2000 (music player)
  12. Malwarebytes (malware scanner)

Yes, the malwarebytes link goes to majorgeeks.com, but the ‘official’ site makes you download from cnet, which is dead to me.

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