Dust Your Computer

Does the inside of you computer (or even some outside vents on the case) look like this? Dust buildup in/on your computer will block airflow and trap heat. On fans, dust can make some blades slightly heavier than others, which makes them spin out of balance. This dust buildup imbalance is one of the causes […]

Windows 8.1 Start Button

The Windows 8.1 update brought back the start button. However, it takes you back to the start Screen (aka the metro screen), which isn’t really what most people wanted. If you RIGHT-click on the start button, you’ll get some of your familiar items from the old start menu, such as Run, Search, Command Prompt, Control […]

Chicago Speed Camera Map

Chicagomag.com has a handy map showing the locations of Chicago’s new speed cameras. They are like red light cameras but they photograph you and send you a ticket if you are going over the speed limit. The following is information from the city of Chicago, a list of all of the speed camera locations, to […]

We’re Back

Sorry for the downtime, I was having some difficult hardware and network issues. However, what kind of helpdesk would this be if I can’t even fix my own connectivity issues? For a bit more details, let’s just say it started with an overheating router followed by a short-circuit, shenanigan after shenanigan, local DNS not resolving, […]

A Dozen Wacky World Currencies

From Learnvest. Click View as List on that page for easy reading. 1. Cows The oldest form of money known to man—starting in 9,000 B.C.—was cattle. From Ireland to Africa, cows were the preferred currency. In fact, parts of Africa used cow currency as recently as the mid–20th century. 2. Cowrie Shells Culled from the shell of […]

A Dozen Freeware Windows Programs

Hot on the heels of the previous Dizzle Dozen, A Dozen Freeware Sites, here are a dozen freeware windows software: Paint.NET (image editing) 7-Zip (compression) Sumatra (PDF viewer) Audacity (audio editing) Pidgin (instant messenger) Transmission (torrents) Everything (super fast file search indexer) Teracopy (move/copy files with ability to resume) ImgBurn (iso/data cd burner) VLC (media […]

A Dozen Freeware Sites

Here are a dozen good and/or decent freeware sites. Please be careful on which download link you are clicking on, because most of the Download Now buttons are really just ads trying to trick you. In order of me remembering them: Softpedia (http://www.softpedia.com) SnapFiles (http://www.snapfiles.com) FileHippo (http://www.filehippo.com) BetaNews (http://fileforum.betanews.com) MajorGeeks (http://www.majorgeeks.com) SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net) DownloadCrew (http://www.downloadcrew.com) […]